Welcome to BABY's Cocktail Lab

Introducing BABY's Cocktail Tubes, ready made cocktails pre-mixed to perfection, just for you. We combine the perfect ratio of BABY Pink Gin, fresh juice, sugar syrup and liquors, so you don't have to!

Choose from Watermelon Sugar, Lychee Martini or Pash Me BABY (Passionfruit & Pineapple). Each tube contains 1.6 standard drinks. Perfect for a picnic, party at home, or a gift. Enjoy! x

How to drink BABY's Cocktail Tubes

Straight up

- Simply enjoy our cocktails tubes either chilled with a straw, or in a glass on ice. Think of it like a martini, but be warned, they are 1.6 standard drinks each!

Spritz it up

- Combine your cocktail tube with soda or tonic in a glass to create a delicious spritz! Think of it like alcoholic cordial, that you can mix to the strength you desire.