Mr Consistant's The Shake Up Podcast - Ellen Weigall


his weeks episode of The Shake Up Podcast features Ellen Weigall. Ellen had founded Baby Pink Gin with little to no experience in the spirits industry out of her growing frustration through the market of gins only adhering to the male audience. Before Baby Pink Gin there were limited gin spirit on shelves that was premium quality, tasted great and with feminine marketing. Ellen decided it was time to break the bias and saw success within her brand that she never saw imaginable! Not to mention, Baby Pink Gin is the only spirits brand in Australia ran entirely by women!

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: -The inspiration behind Baby Pink Gin -The process of creating a premium Gin -Breaking the bias -Creating the first female ran spirits company -Whats next for Baby Pink Gin

CREDITS: Host: Sarah O'Sullivan Guest: Ellen Weigall Baby Pink Gin - Producers: Tom Norton Kersten Marchant




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